Announcing $650,000 in Grants, and $1.4 Million for Parks


We are thrilled to announce $650,000 in grants to support community projects across South and Southwest Baltimore, along with a separate investment of $1.4 million in local parks and public spaces.

The awards range in size from $400 grants for small community groups, all the way to $100,000 grants for larger nonprofit organizations. The 30 recipients include Cherry Hill CDC, Citizens of Pigtown, Federal Hill Main Street, Habitat for Humanity, and Living Classrooms Foundation. This is the inaugural grant award for the Partnership, and we will continue to hand out funds twice a year.

Our neighborhood partners are already excited to put these funds to work. “For years, we have worked as volunteers,” said Keisha Allen of the Westport Neighborhood Association. “With $50,000 from the Partnership, we can begin to actually achieve the long-overdue goals of the community.”

“Our aging school building has needed audio-visual equipment for so long,” said Erika Brockman, Executive Director of the Southwest Baltimore Charter School. “With this $5,000 grant, we will be able to finally take care of the problem.”

Click HERE for a complete list of all grant awards.

Separately, we’re announcing $1.4 million in funding to improve parks and public spaces, which will be performed in collaboration with the departments of Recreation and Parks and Transportation.

As our Executive Director, Brad Rogers, put it: “We’ve set the audacious goal of having the best parks in Baltimore, and connecting them with vibrant streets and trails.”